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TULIP Solutions Ltd.

TULIP is a cloud platform for employee attendance records. The TULIP attendance system enables the registration of absences, their approval according to company rules, as well as complex planning of work changes. All available online on a protected cloud.

The TULIP Attendance System is an exclusive online solution without beeps and software installation. Every employee has a secure online account for attendance recording. The platform is linked to a payroll software. We offer simple registration and approval of absences for companies of all sizes, but also a complicated attendance with planning of work changes for employees.

Benefits of TULIP Attendance System:
All processes available online in real time
Attendance registration after logging into the portal from anywhere
No software installation required
Keeping records of attendance without chips or biometrics
Removing paperwork – eliminating errors caused by human factors
Keeping track of attendance is up-to-date, both backwards and in advance
Attendance system connected to payroll software
Managers may approve attendance individually or collectively
Online secure and real-time information exchange between the company and its employees
Also suitable for international companies (available in other European countries)
Internal processes in accordance with GDPR
Compliance check

Kuehne + Nagel, Accace, Stock Slovakia

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