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The company consists of a team of people from various parts of Slovakia who specialize in short massages performed on massage chairs, sitting and dressed. Massages are carried out directly in the company so that the employees enjoy the massage right at work and do not have to go anywhere. We will come to you.
We have centers in Bratislava, Žilina, Banská Bystrica and Košice. Companies directly in these cities have free transportation of our masseurs.
For companies located outside of these cities, we charge € 0.19 / km from the nearest city. The sum includes the way back and forth.

In our offer you can find these kinds of massages:
15 min. Massage – A short but very effective massage. Ideal for employees who do not have great spine problems and want to enjoy a well-deserved relaxation. We recommend repeating after 2 weeks.
20 min. massage – ideal massage for companies where every minute is precious. We guarantee you feel reborn after it. We recommend repeating after 2 weeks.
30 min. Massage – Massage focuses more on problem areas. Recommended for businesses whose employees are very exhausted and need to kick start their productivity. It is ideal to repeat the massage after 2-4 weeks.
60 min. massage – The dream of every employee. With this type of massage, our pros will change the massage chairs into large massage tables and massage the entire back with the help of massage oil. The client feels perfect relief. We recommend repeating after 4 weeks.
Action Masseurs – If you are organizing an event where you can not estimate how many people will use the services of our masseurs, we have an hourly rate for you. We recommend for teambuilding, health days, conferences etc.


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