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Written by Ivan Kuzma

HR documentation is key for performing various HR activities well. It should not only serve the members of HR team to ensure high quality standards of their work or to obtain the necessary data, but it should also assist line managers in carrying out their personnel activities and responsibilities.

Way of improving and maintaining knowledge

HR documentation creates a foundation for process improvement activities. When we have captured a process in a written form, it is easier for us to notice and focus on certain parts of the process that require a priority attention. In addition, if our processes in the company are documented, we do not have to worry that the company will lose a lot of knowledge about the processes, when the responsible employee leaves. Process documentation can then also be used to train new employees.

Forms also speak about the culture of the company

HR documentation also includes various forms and templates used for data collection. It is interesting how much the forms in an organization can tell about its culture. What is your organization like? Are there long forms that collect too much data without a further use? Is there zero flexibility in how they are filled out? It takes an endless time to understand what needs to be filled in? If your answer is yes, even for just one question, there is room for improvement.

HR documentation for download

Are you missing any documentation for human resource management purposes, but don´t know where to start? Or would you like to be just inspired to improve what you already have? After registering on this portal, you can download various examples of documents, which can be customized or used as they are. The process documents for downloading have a very basic form and certainly more details and visuals can be added to them. Which HR documents are available for download?

Recruitment process

This document covers activities, which are to be carried out from the moment when there is a vacancy up to the communication of the job offer to the final candidate. It describes the longest and most complex process that the HR department is responsible for. This recruitment process document helps to define responsibilities between HR, hiring manager and candidates to make the whole process go smoother.

Job description template

This template is about defining job positions in an organization, what their scope of work is, and what requirements the ideal job holder should meet. Completed Job Description template is a key document as it provides valuable information for other HR activities such as recruiting, defining compensation, training, reorganization, etc.

Interview evaluation form

In order to make the evaluation of candidates during and after the interview as objective as possible, it is necessary to evaluate the candidate on the basis of several criteria. The applicant evaluation form captures all the key selection criteria and thus helps with making decisions based on very specific data. In addition, if there are several candidates and evaluators taking part in the interviews, the evaluation form will ensure a better overview and makes the decision-making and approval process easier.

Onboarding process

As soon as we have a final candidate who has pre-accepted our offer, the onboarding process takes place. The onboarding process captures all activities related to the establishment of employment relationship, preparation of an onboarding plan, preparation of the working environment, carrying out personnel administration and ensuring smooth integration in the first months after joining the organization. As with the recruitment process, coordination and division of tasks are important for a smooth running of the process.

Job planning and evaluation form

This form helps to capture in one place the planned goals as well as the evaluation of how these goals were met by the responsible employee. There are different ways of managing employee performance. However, the recommended minimum is to agree in writing on what the goals are, to monitor them on an ongoing basis and, after a year or so, to evaluate again in writing what has been achieved and how. Agreeing on goals and evaluating their accomplishment in writing contributes to a culture of accountability and provides basis for development. Moreover, if the planned goals are achieved or even exceeded, this is a great opportunity for recognition and reward. Planning and evaluating objectives should always go hand in hand with planning and evaluation of employee development.

Employee exit process

This process document includes a list of activities that need to be performed from the moment, when an employee announces his or her resignation up to the employee´s last day at work. When an employee’s departure situation occurs, both the employee and the manager turn to HR to find out what is the procedure before the employee leaves. If HR has this process documented, HR can share it with them and thus save a lot of time that would have been spent on explaining all the details. In addition, it looks very professional, if HR can provide such documentation in the time of need.

Exit interview

An exit interview is a fundamental way of how a company can find out why employees are leaving. It is also a nice gesture towards the leaving employees, because it shows that the company cares about their opinions and their reasons for leaving. However, an exit interview should not be just a symbolic act for collecting information. The collected information should be reviewed, and where it makes sense, appropriate improvements should be done.

Process mapping and documentation creation services

It is notable that many companies are aware of the importance of documenting their internal knowledge and processes. Some will find internal capacities to map their processes and to document the knowledge. The advantage of doing process mapping and having process documentation is that it also identifies inefficient process steps and consequently makes it easier for process improvements to take place.

If you do not have an internal capacity for mapping and documenting processes in your company, we will be more than happy to help you. Just contact us at or call +421 911 045 839.


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