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Instahelp was founded in 2015 with the vision of simplifying access to psychological counselling. Instahelp offers psychological online-support in real time, thereby offering a complement to the existing counselling system. Those seeking help have the possibility to contact professionally trained psychologists online and find solutions by means of chat-based communication.

Instahelp is an online platform for professional psychological counselling, both for work-related but also private topics. Via our website https://instahelp.me, people are guided through a “matching”-process in which we identify their specific needs to suggest them psychologists specialized in this particular field. Within no more than 24h they will be contacted by their chosen psychologist to start their first counselling session. From there on they can use the service for 40 or 60 minutes per week via text, audio or video-call. We are thereby offering our service to private individuals, companies and their employees as well as insurances offering it to their insurants. With our team of 70+ psychologists we are at the moment operating in 5 different countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and UK) offering our service in 3 languages, 24/7.

Trivago N.V., Lidl, Renault, RHI Magnesita, D.A.S. Rechtsschutz AG

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