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The DNLA-programmes Discovering Natural Latent Abilities for the assessment and development of soft skills (i. e. social competence, management and leadership) are based on research on key success factors in the job at Max-Planck-Institute, and used for recruitment and selection and for the development of individuals, teams, and entire organizations.

DNLA GmbH is the center of a european network of HR experts. We are specialized in the assessment and development of soft skills, key success factors in the job, such as social competences and management and leadership skills. Our partners are all HR-experts in their fields, and they use the DNLA programmes to discover, recognize, develop and to retain talent, and to help people to (re-)develop their potential so that they can be successful in what they want to achieve for themselves or together with others.

DNLA helps to improve emotional engagement and motivation (“I like what I do!” “My heart is really in it!”) as well as organizational performance (“we are working together well!” “It´s a pleasure to work with these guys, and together, we can really achieve something!”).

DNLA is used wherever people are working together – in small firms and family businesses, SMBs, local banks, large international corporations, in clinics and medical centers, in the non-profit sector and in the public sector. Also in schools, universities, academies and in integration programs (e.g. for long-term unemployed or for young people) DNLA is used intensely and successfully.

We invite you to learn more about DNLA, and to test the DNLA-tools for yourself!

See: https://www.dnla.de/referenzen/

Allianz Incurance (various parts of the corporation)

Bayer Vital (Medical, Pharmaceuticals)

Land Salzburg (Public Sector, Government)

MOL Slovenija, Slovenijan Steel Industry, and others

Catalysts (IT)

RICOH (Optic Systems, printers)

Deutsche Bank (Banking, Finance)

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